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Law Firm for Employment Law | Tax Law | Company Law2021-06-29T15:49:56+02:00

Law firm for labor law | tax law | corporate law.

We are a Berlin-based law firm specializing in employment law, corporate law and tax law. We offer comprehensive strategic as well as individual advice and representation. As specialist lawyers and attorneys, we are experts for your concerns and, as a law firm, combine corporate law, tax law and employment law from a single source.

Sind wir Ihr Fach­an­walt im Arbeits­recht, haben wir den­noch stets Ihre Inter­es­sen im Steu­er­recht oder im Gesell­schafts­recht im Blick. Als Kanz­lei für Gesell­schafts­recht ver­lie­ren wir das Steu­er­recht und das Arbeits­recht für Sie nicht aus den Augen. Unser Anspruch ist es, Sie im Rah­men unse­rer Spe­zia­li­sie­run­gen stets bestens und erfolg­reich zu bera­ten und zu ver­tre­ten. Sei es bei der Erstel­lung eines Kon­zepts für betrieb­li­chen Daten­schutz, im Per­so­nal­recht, der erfolg­rei­chen Ver­tre­tung vor Gericht, der GmbH Grün­dung, Unter­neh­mens­trans­ak­tio­nen oder der indi­vi­du­el­len Bera­tung als Geschäftsführer.

We work as a law firm for start-ups in Berlin and throughout Germany as well as for well-known entrepreneurs and companies that are active nationwide and internationally. We individually represent board members, managers, executives and employees.

As a law firm for tax law, we also combine many years of expertise and successful work with up-to-date specialist knowledge from various fields of law. Mr Entner also provides support as a specialist lawyer for criminal tax law in Berlin - and nationwide. Our successful advice and representation in criminal tax law combines the necessary sensitivity and discretion with precise examination and a decisive defence.

We attach great importance to comprehensive, solution-oriented as well as strategic advice and representation of our clients. We are aware of the interconnection of the different fields of law as a law firm for labour law, a law firm for tax law and a law firm and law firm for corporate law and use this to your advantage.  In addition to our extensive experience, we therefore ensure that labour law, tax law, corporate law are continuously included in the processing of mandates.

In the end, however, the best possible advice and successful representation of your interests always stands. We pursue this with joy in the matter and passion.

You are our clients and our priority.

Kon­tak­tie­ren Sie uns!




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